Teen Summer Movie Nights

Last summer, I started doing “Teen Summer Movie Nights”, and I’ll continue with a few over the summer. I love doing movie nights – they’re simple, cost little, & I find them a great way to promote books.

There are so many movies out there whose origins come from teen books, & a lot of teens don’t even realize these books exist. Movie nights are great way to bring in teens who aren’t your “regulars,” & show read-a-likes as well. I usually do giveaways of the book, or something to tie it in – when we show Twilight this summer, I’m going to giveaway a copy of the Director’s Notebook.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started! More are available @ the Book to Movie set on Flickr.

If your library is supportive (or brave) enough, definitely give this is a try. It was beloved by teens & critics alike!

This movie was panned by so many, but I don’t really understand why. The audience it was intended for (teens) loved it, & I thought it was rather fun.

If you show it, they will come. If the New Moon trailer is out by the time you show it, perhaps start the show with that!

Superhero movies! Are from books! Not to mention the fact that you’ll be placed into the ‘not lame’ category if you prove you know what’s popular. But think of all the great movies you can show (& teens you’ll attract) if you accept that yes, graphic novels & comic books are legitimate books!

I usually shy away from programs with a specific audience in mind, prefering to spend my time planning events that will appeal to both girls AND guys, but if you’ll be showing some guy-friendly movies (like Spiderman – not that girls DON’T like comics & etc; goodness knows I’m never disappointed when we go see one), I see no reason why you couldn’t balance it with some girl-specific flicks as well.

I was shocked to discover that a lot of teens have never seen this. How sad!

This book is required reading around here, & to many teens’ surprise, they really like it!

An oldie by a goodie. Have today’s teens even heard of this?

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