Impossible mazes…

Despite being surrounded by fascinating books of all kinds, as well as computers which seem to be their lifeblood, I think we’ve all heard this from teens:

“I’m booooored.”

I usually sigh, look at them with pity, remind them “you’re in a library!” & then direct them to the box of stuff I keep for such occassions, filled with crosswords, mazes, ready-mechs, & other busy work-type things.

Enter the impossible maze. Mazes remind me of holiday parties in elementary school, but some of my teens really enjoy doing them. In addition to the one above, here are some other resources for a variety of challenges:

» I’ve no idea who or what this is, but the hand drawn mazes are spectacular! PDFs & JPFs for all, so they should be usable no matter your situation.
» – on a variety of levels to challenge everyone.
» Puzzlemaker @ Discovery Education lets you make all sorts of fun things, including mazes. I made the one below here, & it’s a doozy!
» Create your own mazes with this free download. It appears on several sites, so it ought to be safe. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will sometime in the future…

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