Cover Reboot Win

Awhile ago now, I wrote about Cover Reboot Fail, & lamented those that, upon their paperback release, were treated rather badly. I’m happy to report, though, that this isn’t always the case! Sometimes they take advantage & really nail it the second time.

Do you know, I hadn’t even realized this was a modern story until I saw the new cover on an ad somewhere – oops? I like the original art, but something about it screams 1940s & definitely that it belongs in the children’s section. But this new edition is simply stunning. I think plenty of teens will grab this off the shelf now!

How clever to put the title on the butt-cheek pocket! LOVE IT. I like the original cover too, but the paperback definitely catches your eye.

I can’t decide which edition I like better, but I think they’re both pretty great.

To be perfectly honest, I really like the original cover. But something about the paperback is really engaging, & I think it does a better job of capturing the essence of the story.

This is exactly what this series needed for those Hunger Games fans to pick it up. The original definitely screams mid-00s, but the new one definitely catches your eye.

You can see all my favorite book covers in the Well-Designed Books Make Better Lovers (& find more readers) set on Flicker!

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