[UPDATE]So the secret is out…


[ EDIT 10.4.2016 ]

After much thought and seeking the advice of colleagues, I have tendered my resignation as columnist at VOYA Magazine. (I assume you know why.) I am sad that I will not have the opportunity to help my fellow teen librarians by writing ‘Get with the Program’, but I will continue to share my ideas here on the blog. I sincerely hope that VOYA Magazine learns from the events that transpired and becomes a trusted, valuable resource once again, but I personally cannot be a part of an organization that acts in such a manner. 

That being said, there are two more columns that will be published (I assume, as they were already turned in) by them, but please know that I resigned today, October 4, 2016.

The traffic over here has EXPLODED, and I’ve discovered that it’s because the news is out! I’m going to be taking over Get with the Program in VOYA Magazine! My first article should appear in the April issue, and I look forward to sharing everything I know with you. To say I’m excited and little bit terrified is an understatement!

In other news, I’ve been doing some much-needed housekeeping – deleting a few posts that weren’t really relevant (who cares about the 2012 summer reading artwork? Why did I use this as a platform for whining about that?) and adding some past presentations that I didn’t realize I’d neglected to post. So if you receive an email or something from 2011, don’t panic!

[edit] Turns out that due to technical difficulties, my first column won’t appear until the August issue. Ah well.

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