How to make a book charm!

how to make a book charm

One of my favorite crafts. It’s cheap, easy, and so customizable.

PDF Instructions.


Moon phase necklaces

While attending our local medieval faire this summer, I stumbled on this fabulous craft, combining craft & astronomy with a touch of personal identity. The necklace up there on the left is what I purchased – a beautiful work of art showcasing the phase of the moon on the day I was born. It’s so simple, & yet so sweet & personal.

The necklace on the right is the modified, very inexpensive version I made with my teens this summer. To make it, all you need is a bottlecap (these are only $10/50 at Pat Catan’s), some string, a clear protector, & your birthday moon phase!

To find your moon phase, either download Moon Preview, a free app, or head to this moon phases calendar.

As for the moons? I saved the files I used. Just print these off on white cardstock, & punch them out with a one inch circle punch. Have fun!

Hoot hoot! Owl paper craft

You might have noticed that owls are very popular right now! Owls fit perfectly with the summer reading theme this year, so I knew I wanted to do some sort of owl craft. I looked around a bit, but a lot of things were just more complicated than what I really wanted. So I whipped these little guys up, & my teens had a blast putting them together!

Here’s what you need to put these adorable little guys together:

  • owl template
  • three little hearts per owl, punched out on orange construction paper
  • construction paper of various colors
  • one inch white circles
  • colored pencils, matching the construction paper
  • ink pad – we used the erasers on the pencils provided for tracing the template for the pupil stamp

Glue all the bits together, stamp the eyes, & decide which level of sleepiness you’d like the owl! The teens made these into magnets (using the self-adhesive ones) for their lockers or glued them to pre-cut bookmarks, or just glued them onto wherever they wanted them. Some of the teens even glued some together so they were looking at each other. So cute!

Think beyond the duct tape wallet…

Here’s a fun link: 100 Awesome Way to Use Duct Tape in your Dorm Room. Some of them are a little out there, & some have little to no relevence for us (although we’d be the coolest library ever if we made them beer cozies, I suppose), but it’s pretty neat. Duct tape crafts are super easy, teens like them, & best of all, it’s pretty cheap. Check it out! I think I’ll be doing several of these in the coming months…