I LOVE PROGRAMMING! Here’s a list of what I’ve done. Feel free to contact me with questions about any of them!

Silent Library (Around the World Edition)
Teens were invited to try various food (sushi, bagels & lox, fried plantains, coconut water, avocado, hummus) & activities (ballet, Mexican hat dance, yoga, traditional Irish dance, African talking drums) from around the world, Silent Library style.

Teen Literature Club
Using our exclusive Oprah Book Club-style list, teens 15+ are invited to a traditional book club, promoted as a safe haven for book lovers.

Japanese Culture Club
Watch anime, read & talk about manga, listen & watch J-pop, J-rock, & videos, eat ramen & pocky… origami, bento boxes, cosplay, ramen noodle eating contest (speed, not quantity), anime marathons, fan art contest, share fanvids, anime trivia… anything to do with Japan.

Love STINKS Chocolate Fest
Held annually around Valentine’s Day, the Chocolate Fest features chocolate tasting (varieties of chocolate as well as qualities & flavors), chocolate crafts, Jeopardy-style trivia (break-up songs, celebrity break-ups, etc), & anti-valentine making.

Mad Hatter’s Simply Maddening Tea Party
Teens created tie-dye items (using the permanent marker & alcohol method), played “Pin the Grin on the Chesire Cat” & flamingo croquet (using lawn flamingos & balloons), made giant Mad Hatter hats out of construction paper, & watched Alice in Wonderland.

Twilight Parties
Held just prior to each movie release, teens made glitter gel, pop tab bracelets (made popular by K-Stew herself), dog tag necklaces, painted t-shirts using pre-made stencils (Quileute Security Team, Forks High School), listened to the corresponding soundtrack, watched the documentary “Welcome to Forks,” & participated in a Jeopardy-style book trivia game. For Breaking Dawn, we’ll be hosting a “baby shower” & donating the gifts to a women’s shelter.

Harry Potter Wizards Gala
Nothing like turning your library into Diagon Alley! All ages were sorted into houses by pulling a sticker out of a bag (while wearing the Sorting Hat, of course) upon entrance; this also served to sort them into teams for the trivia game. Scavenger hunt for various HP Universe related items throughout library, Mad Libs of first chapter, movie viewing, glasses & snitch crafts, coloring pages, costume contest, & pretzel wands.

Workshops: overall, not popular, but lots of work. I don’t do these often.
HTML: teens learn basics of web design.
Photography: teens learn tips & tricks for taking better pictures, then create a photo album.
Writing: teens learn about the writing process, work on a short story, then swap for critiques. Teens invited to bring completed work back to be bound & added to teen collection.

Passive Programs
Are you a sucker for guessing games?
Community Challenge
Art Contest

Smash Bros Tournament
Guitar Hero Tournament

Fabulous Felt Plushies
Kokeshi dolls
I <3 Duct Tape
Cupcake Challenge
Book thongs
Pop tab bracelets
Tie-Dye Mania
Glitter gel
Paper mechas
Clay-covered pens

2 thoughts on “Programs

  1. What, if anything, are you planning for a Hunger Games event? I am thinking maybe trivia, cupcake decorating, watching the trailers on the big screen, Nerf bow-and-arrow contest, mockingjay button-making…

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