Bringin' the 90s back

This summer, instead of more focused programs, I decided to do once-a-week hangouts. For two hours, the teens could play the Wii, watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, & do various crafts. I picked up clay, beads, plastic thread for lanyards, duct tape, origami paper – it kept them occupied all summer long. Whilst roaming the local craft store for easy & inexpensive stuff, I happened upon bags of nylon loops – something we made over & over again as a child of the 80s & 90s. We didn’t make pot holders; rather, we made scrunchies, headbands, bracelets… honestly, I don’t know if we ever used the items, but the neon loops were always all over the place. The bags were really cheap, & in more colors than I remember being available, so I grabbed them & figured that if they didn’t like them, I was only out a few dollars.

Ha. Well, I succeeded in bringing the 90s back to my little rust belt city. The teens LOVED them – I went back & bought more halfway through the summer. The girls like them, the guys like them, & I think they appreciate how simple they are to make. Pick up a bag the next time you need an easy craft!

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