It’s for teens, jackass!

So, while everyone is freaking out over the newest Lane Smith book, It’s a Book, I’ve discovered that the real audience of this book is teens. I took it to my last Teen Advisory Board meeting, & after I did my usual talking of the books, I pulled it out & read it to them, preschool story-time style.

They think it’s HILARIOUS. Which makes sense, because it’s really only by the time they’re 9 or so they even begin to learn the names of all the things on a computer. Not the mention the fact that a tween probably doesn’t know what a blog is, or what Wi-Fi refers to. Younger kids just get on a computer & do their thing. Teens learn what all these things are called. & the teens that attend TAB are, well, readers.

& so, I have come to the conclusion that everyone should STOP FREAKING OUT & just read this to teens. Because in my humble opinion, they’re the only ones old enough to understand the humor, anyways.

Reading this at my TAB meetings is going to become a regular thing, I think. My teens love it so much they want me to get the matching poster from ALA Graphics. Now THAT’S love.

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