Moon phase necklaces


While attending our local medieval faire this summer, I stumbled on this fabulous craft, combining craft & astronomy with a touch of personal identity. The necklace up there on the left is what I purchased – a beautiful work of art showcasing the phase of the moon on the day I was born. It’s so simple, & yet so sweet & personal.

The necklace on the right is the modified, very inexpensive version I made with my teens this summer. To make it, all you need is a bottlecap (these are only $10/50 at Pat Catan’s), some string, a clear protector, & your birthday moon phase!

To find your moon phase, either download Moon Preview, a free app, or head to this moon phases calendar.

As for the moons? I saved the files I used. Just print these off on white cardstock, & punch them out with a one inch circle punch. Have fun!

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