Things they don’t prepare you for in that YA class…

I wear a lot of hats as a teen librarian. Guidance counselor (explaining what it means to “double major”), gaming expert (what’s this Runescape that’s on all their screens?), book guru (my daughter’s read every single vampire book out there; what else would she like?), bleeding heart philanthropist (will you buy another candy bar for choir?)

Yesterday afternoon? I took the tiny braids out of one of my African-American boy’s hair. He came to me during our usual Tuesday program in a panic: “It rained & my braids got wet they have to be taken down now!”

Now, usually, doing hair of a teenager is not something I’d ever do. But I know that his mom recently left his life, & his look was so pathetic & heartbreaking… so I attacked it with the pick he offered. What an experience! My fingers ached by the time I was done with his entire head, which was covered in what felt like a million tiny, tiny braids.

At least no one can say I didn’t rise to the challenge!