Anatomy of a Teen Event Flyer

anatomy of an event flyer

Hello fellow librarians of Ohio, & all who are looking for information on creating graphics to reach the teen audience: Anatomy of a Teen Event Flyer was a poster presentation at the 2013 Ohio Library Council Convention & Expo. Please feel free to print off any & all of the information below!

PS: If you save the images, it’ll save the hi-res version, so you’ll be able to read it better! Yay!


anatomy diagram
Click for larger image!



anatomy resource bookmark

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to let me know!

Update 01.12.16: Go here for samples of what I’ve created over the years.

3 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Teen Event Flyer”

  1. Saw your poster presentation at the 2013 Ohio Library Council Convention & Expo. Lots of fantastic real-world examples. Bravo! Leave it to a musician to be so creative in a non-music way. Just goes to show you that music does make a difference in so many ways. All the best and keep KICKin’ IT IN!

    1. OMG! This exactly. I’ve been trying to get a cohesive way to explain why my teen programming flyers must look the way they do in comparison to those of the rest of the youth services department. I’m printing this out! Thank you!

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