Do More with Less! 25 Under 25

Hello librarians across Ohio! And anyone else who might be stopping by, of course.

Do More with Less! 25 Programs Under $25 Dollars is a presentation at several Ohio Library Council chapter conferences I'll be doing throughout the spring. In the interest of wanting to share with the teen librarian population at large (and in the interest of saving paper), I've made the resources available here.

>> Powerpoint // Slides PDF
>> Resource sheet

Supplemental sources:
>> Live & Let Spy: Trivia, Caesar cipher, Morse code, & Running key cipher
>> Superheroes vs Villains Ultimate Showdown: Trivia // Challenge sheet
>> Night of the Ninja: Trivia
>> Zombie Infestation: Trivia // Answers
>> Doctor Who: Trivia through Time and Space
>> Mortal Instruments: City of Bones trivia
>> Supernatural Survival Skills 101: Trivia
>> Divergent: Trivia
>> Love Stinks Chocolate Fest: Name That Candy! // Youtube playlist
>> Nightmare on Mahoning Ave: YouTube playlist // Horror movie trivia

Note: I don't have the answers for most trivia (sorry!), but all answers can be found online. Also, all Powerpoints include fancy, aptly-themed fonts, but if you search online for the font, you can easily install it. While playing the game, to return to the question grid, click the shape in the corner.

Mentioned previous programs:
>> Divergent
>> Doctor Who
>> Love Stinks Chocolate Fest
>> Mortal Instruments
>> Silent Library Around the World
>> Nerdfighter Gathering
>> The Hunger Games
>> Live Angry Birds
>> The Nightmare on Mahoning Ave

Please note: Previous programs are not, as presented here at the blog, under $25.


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