In a world of tens, be an 11


SEASON THREE IS COMING SO SOON! It took a while for Stranger Things to become popular around here, but we are officially hosting an all-ages event tomorrow. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

It’s just… hosting fandom parties is my thing! And there isn’t really a big fandom at the moment? And it makes me sad. BUT TOMORROW WILL BE EPIC!

stranger things poster.png

This is what we’re up to. 

  • First and foremost, we’re having a waffle bar! I got a ridiculous amount of frozen waffles from ALDI with all the fixin’s: whipped cream, chocolate sauce, frozen berries, syrup, mini chocolate chips, and butter. The kids are getting spoiled, and it’s still cheaper than pizza.
  • Trivia!
  • Themed escape room, created by my awesome co-worker, who is somewhat of an Escape Room Artist (and super obsessed with Stranger Things).
  • Watching the first episode.
  • Crafts! (Waffle keychains, vintage book charms, demogorgon corner bookmarks, wallpaper bookmarks with Christmas light charms)

stranger things crafts 2

stranger things crafts
Close-up of the book charms and waffle bottlecap keychain

Some resources for you:

What about you? Is Stranger Things popular in your community? If so, have you planned an event? What did you do?

2 thoughts on “In a world of tens, be an 11”

  1. I LOVE THE WAFFLE BAR SO MUCH!!! I sort of want to do that even if it’s not a Stranger Things event…
    Thank you so much for all of the great ideas!

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