Beyond Anime: 100+ ideas to keep your otaku happy!

I used Happy from Fairy Tail because it’s all about keeping them happy – get it?
Anyways, I presented this at the OLC Northeast Chapter Conference today – hello! Feel free to use any of the information here for anything you might need it for, or to pass it on.

» Saturday Night Live “J Pop America Fun Time Now” Skit, which really ought to be required viewing for those us who love, but occasionally get tired of, the obsessed otaku in our lives.
» Slides in PDF form
» Hand out PDF


One thing I ought to mention: these are ideas. While I’ve done my fair share of these, I can’t say I’ve done them all. But please don’t hesitate to ask about anything, though!

If you have any questions or comments or just want to talk, please feel free to contact me, either here or through my work email (amazings AT wtcpl DOT org). It was awesome to see everyone, & I hope we’ll talk again soon!


Here’s what I’ve been doing lately…


I don’t know about you, but I have been just SWAMPED lately with just everything! I can’t believe we’re almost completely through April – summer reading is right around the corner, but I am nowhere NEAR ready! Our Hunger Games program went very, very well, & we had a reasonable number of teens attend. I created the program with the intention that it’d take about an hour for them to get through all the challenges, but they went all hardcore on it & the first team was done in eighteen minutes. EIGHTEEN. Every team was done in half an hour, so I’ve promised that the Catching Fire event will be much more intense & difficult. & they cheered!

The photograph up top is from our local newspaper – the bows went over very well, & made for very photogenic teens!

This past Saturday we held our very first Otaku Mini-Anime Convention. Although it was a blast, someone remind me to never again plan a six-hour teen event? Four hours is about the limit of my attention span, apparently. To be fair, most of them didn’t show up until the afternoon, so I think a noon to four time will be perfect.

They had a blast making sushi, as you can see below…


It was actually quite easy – I picked up sushi rice, nori, krab, cucumber, shredded carrot, cream cheese, & a few condiments. They used wax paper to roll up their creations, & it worked really well! So should you decide to do this, there’s no need to fork over the money for mats. You can easily do this for about $20-25 dollars, & I guarantee they’ll have fun.