Beyond Anime: 100+ ideas to keep your otaku happy!

I used Happy from Fairy Tail because it’s all about keeping them happy – get it?
Anyways, I presented this at the OLC Northeast Chapter Conference today – hello! Feel free to use any of the information here for anything you might need it for, or to pass it on.

» Saturday Night Live “J Pop America Fun Time Now” Skit, which really ought to be required viewing for those us who love, but occasionally get tired of, the obsessed otaku in our lives.
» Slides in PDF form
» Hand out PDF


One thing I ought to mention: these are ideas. While I’ve done my fair share of these, I can’t say I’ve done them all. But please don’t hesitate to ask about anything, though!

If you have any questions or comments or just want to talk, please feel free to contact me, either here or through my work email (amazings AT wtcpl DOT org). It was awesome to see everyone, & I hope we’ll talk again soon!


7 thoughts on “Beyond Anime: 100+ ideas to keep your otaku happy!”

  1. Thanks very much for sharing this! I’ve been in dire need of some new activities to freshen up my Anime Club. You read my mind! Sorry to have missed your presentation, i’m sure it was awesome as always.

  2. Wow–thank you so much! Glad to have some new ideas— Here’s one for you: swap meet- exchange manga/anime.

  3. One of your ideas is a Miyazaki marathon. I have requested permission to show Ghibli films several times and have never gotten a response from the US representative. None of the Ghibli titles are included in the anime package from Movie Licensing. How do you get permissions for these?

    1. My guess would be to go through Movie Licensing USA & ask about a one-time license, since they cover Disney, & they own the rights to the Miyazaki films.

  4. You are absolutely brilliant! My teens have shown some interest in having an Anime/Manga Club, but I have always struggled to find ideas for it! Thank you so much! You are amazing Teen Librarian!

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